Issue #204

Articles & Tutorials

JRebel vs. Instant Run


In this blog post by Oleg Šelajev you’ll learn about two mechanism that claim to shorten your development cycle by hot reloading your java code.

Learning RxJava for Android Devs


Annyce Davis has been digging deep into RxJava, especially as it’s used in Android applications. Here she shares some of the resources she’s found to help others in their reactive journeys.

Instant Run: How Does it Work?


Reto Meier explains how Instant Run works in Android Studio.

Issue #204 More Than a Lot of Google Maps Markers


The purpose of the article is to demonstrate a method on how to extend the capabilities of the Google Maps API on Android devices and allow apps to render a few tens to a hundred thousand markers (with limitations on the marker variety).

Bourbon: Dribbble, Android, MVP and a Common-Code Module


In this post by Joe Birch you’ll learn how he built Bourbon, a Dribbble client for several Android targets. He show his architectural approach and explains some of his design decisions.

Android From Scratch: Understanding Views And View Groups


In this article, Paul Trebilcox-Ruiz teaches about some of the more commonly used View components available for displaying content and you are introduced to how they are used.

Naming conventions for MVP classes


In this blog post, Paul Blundell discusses class naming using Model View Presenter as the example and show you one change you can do to make your code cleaner and more readable.

Secure those bits!


The Android security team has been hard at work building new tools to help developers protect user data in transit.

MVVM and RxJava – the perfect mix


Slides for Droidcon Zagreb 2016 "MVVM and RxJava – the perfect mix" talk

Something O’Clock – Part 6


The wear app persists data locally using the DataApi with some built in data integrity protection. So now that the data is stored locally, how do we trigger the UI update? Mark Allison shows us how.

Bonjour Android, it’s Zeroconf


Roberto Orgiu has been doing a lot of studying of the Zero Configuration Protocol and its implementations on Android. There’s more than one way to do the same thing, with ups and downs.


Issue #204 Buddybuild: continuous integration & delivery made easy!


Buddybuild is a mobile continuous integration and deployment platform that takes minutes to set-up. Our SDK makes it super easy to get feedback and crash reports from users in real-time. Stop cobbling together and maintaining disparate build, deployment, crash reporting and feedback systems. Focus on what you do best: creating apps people love!

Issue #204 Work on a Better Stack!


On Hired, Android engineers typically get 5+ job offers in 1 week. Find that new opportunity you’ve been craving and get access to 3,500+ companies instantly.


The absolute minimum Android developers need to know about UX — Part 1


In this series of articles, John Carpenter introduces programmers to UX principles that all of us should know about.


Android Engineer

(San Francisco, CA)

Yelp connects consumers with great local businesses all across the world. We’re looking for Android developers of all levels who love creating delightful user experiences for millions of people and thrive in taking ownership of the product they work on.

Senior Android Engineer for Hillary for America

(Brooklyn, HQ)

Come build the tools that power the campaign to elect the first female President. Our internal apps give unprecedented levels of insight to our organizers, volunteers and analysts, helping them make better, faster decisions. Our voter apps will set the bar for mobile in future campaigns.

Native Android Developer

(Boston, MA or Oakland, CA)

Raizlabs is seeking Native Android Developers to help engineer beautiful apps and influence product direction for startups and big brands like Bloomingdale’s, SixFlags, Virgin Pulse, EMC, RunKeeper, Rue La La, Care.com, and HubSpot.

Libraries & Code



Adds listeners for Activity and Fragment. Why? In a word: composition



Error Prone is a static analysis tool for Java (from Google) that catches common programming mistakes at compile-time.



Estimates the size of a Google Play patch and the new gzipped APK.

Issue #204 RxAndroid 1.2


RxAndroid 1.2 is now available with some performance tweaks.



A sample Android app using the MVP architecture



Composition over inheritance for Android components like Activity or Fragment

Flexbox for Android


Flexbox is great for layouting. It is so great that the react-native guys implemented it for layouting native apps. Now google open sourced it’s own implementation of the flexbox layouting algorithm for Android.

CloudRail SI Android SDK


Integrate Mulitple Services With Just One API. CloudRail is a free software library which abstracts multiple APIs from different providers into a single and universal interface.


Updated May Platform Distribution Numbers


It’s the beginning of the month again, and that means it’s time for Google to update the Android platform distribution numbers. They show Marshmallow as the only version gaining, now at 7.5.

Hardening the media stack


Google has been working on new security features designed to enhance the existing security model and provide additional defense in-depth in Android.

Videos & Podcasts

Issue #204 The Developer Show


The latest news from Google, for developers.

Instant Run: An Android Tool Time Deep Dive


Join Reto Meier as he offers a peek behind the curtain to learn how Instant Run actually works, and learn some tips to help make it work better for you.

Android Dialogs Q & A: What To Follow


Android Dialogs team’s first Q&A episode that answers "What do we follow to keep updated on Android?"


Issue #204 Developer Economics Survey


Want to find out how you compare to other developers in your country, based on programming language, dev tools used, or type of software? Take VisionMobile’s 15-minute Developer Tools Benchmarking survey to talk about what’s fantastic or frustrating about the tools you’re using, describe what you’re building, why, and where you go to find out how.


Issue #204 #WearablesTechCon, July 18-20 in San Jose


#WearablesTechCon, July 18-20 San Jose, is the top wearables apps and HW event. Use code WEARIT for $100 discount

GDG DevFest Ukraine 2016


Ukrainian Google Developers Groups are proud to announce the fifth annual GDG DevFest 2016 which is the biggest Google related event in Ukraine carefully crafted by GDG community! The event will take place on 9-10th of September in Lviv.


The Outsourcing Playbook


If you’re looking to outsource your android development or you develop apps for others, read ‘The Outsourcing Playbook’ for Android development for helpful tips to make your app a success. You can access the new playbook for free as an ebook direct from Play Books!

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