Issue #209

Articles & Tutorials

Exploring Buy with Android Pay


Joe Birch takes a deep dive into ‘Buy with Android Pay’ to discover exactly what we could do with it.

The powerful Android Studio


Saúl Molinero shares some tips and tricks for using IntelliJ and Android Studio.

Make that drawer visible under your status bar


You probably know that Google’s Material Design spec specifies to make your Navigation Drawer span the full height of the screen. Yet many apps fail to do this when their navigation drawer is opened.

Notifications in Android N


To provide a better user experience, notifications on Android N have received a visual refresh, improved support for custom views, and expanded functionality in the forms of Direct Reply, a new MessagingStyle, and bundled notifications.

Issue #209 Efficiently reducing your method count


Jeroen Mols shows how you can visualize your current method count and understand what libraries are eating up the largest part of that. Next it’s time to reduce said method count and remove that nasty multidex solution once and for all.

ConstraintLayout – Part 1


At Google IO 2016 Google announced a new Android layout named ConstraintLayout. In this series of articles Mark Allison takes a look at this new layout-kid on the block and try and get some insights in how best to use it.

ConstraintLayout – Part 2


Mark continues his look at ConstraintLayout, and justifies the reason for yet another layout container.

PSA: Dont Use Espresso Idling Resources like Google does


While the author was looking at Google’s code lab on testing, he stumbled upon something disturbing within. You won’t believe what happens next.

How to create a group of File Templates in Android Studio – Part 3


In this post, Rebecca Franks looks at creating a set of file templates that can achieve similar results to the default ones in Android Studio.

Security "Crypto" provider deprecated in Android N


If your Android app derives keys using the SHA1PRNG algorithm from the Crypto provider, you must start using a real key derivation function and possibly re-encrypt your data.

Writing Android Tests with Espresso Test Recorder


Android Studio 2.2 Preview 3 was recently released. This preview comes with the highly requested feature revealed at Google I/O this year, Espresso Test Recorder.

A smaller, sleeker app using the APK Analyzer


In this post by the genius engineering team you’ll learn techniques how put your APK on a diet.


Issue #209 PSPDFKit – PDF SDK Trusted by Companies You Know


The industry leading mobile PDF library helps you achieve seamless viewing, annotating and fast indexed searching of PDFs. Let us take care of your PDF needs so you can focus on what makes your app great. The library can be customized to any use case and integrated in minutes. Come see why were trusted by Atlassian, Box, IBM and others.

Issue #209 Hired is the best place to find engineering jobs


Bored at work? Want to try a new stack? Find 3500+ great tech companies on Hired who will compete to hire you. Try it today.


Issue #209 Mobile App UX Design: Making a Great First Impression


While there is no magic bullet for creating a perfect first-time experience, one thing is for sure — the first impression is all about your users. Make your users feel like the center of attention by removing all roadblocks to usage. Invite them to stay.


Android Developer at X-Team


We’re looking for developers with extensive knowledge of Android. The perfect candidate would be highly skilled in different frameworks and libraries. We are 100% remote and we provide the funding needed to help you achieve your goals and grow as a remote developer.

Libraries & Code



Custom view for user input that models horizontal wheel controller.



Android library which makes detecting gestures a breeze. The library is built for simplicity and ease of use. It eliminates most boilerplate code for dealing with setting up gesture detection on Android.



Android library to get device information in a super easy way.The library is built for simplicity and approachability. It not only eliminates most boilerplate code for dealing with device information, but also provides an easy and simple API to retrieve them.



A simple, open-source Mondo client for Android with unit and functional tests.


Introducing Nearby: A new way to discover the things around you


Google is introducing a new Android feature called Nearby, which notifies you of of things that can be helpful near you.

Android Studio 2.2 Preview 3


Android Studio 2.2 Preview 3 is available. Google fixed a lot of bugs concerning the new UI. One of the biggest new features: Convert Photoshop files directly to Vector Drawable. We would love to see Sketch support as well.


Issue #209 Rxlint: an Android lint rule for RxJava code


rxlint is currently a single lint rule that detects a subscription without a handler for onError()

Videos & Podcasts

Android Software Architecture by Example


Hannes Dorfmann’s presentation on Android app architecture.

Android Dialogs: Effie Barak


Effie Barak tells us how Udemy switches from MediaPlayer to ExoPlayer. You can hear more about it at her talk at 360andev.com


Issue #209 Android Weekly Archive Search


Many of you have requested this feature, and so we did it! We’ve implemented a simple full text search so that you can search for a keyword.


Apps World 2016, London ExCel 19-20 October


At Apps World 2016 you’ll get access to the big picture views from leading developers and industry pioneers as well as hands on coding workshops. Talks will focus on creating the best UX/UI possible and workshops will cover next stage testing to take your app to the next level.

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