Issue #210

Articles & Tutorials

How To Use Android Studio Like a Pro!


Several useful pro tips for using Android Studio.

Notes on Reactive Programming Part I: The Reactive Landscape


Reactive Programming is interesting (again) and there is a lot of noise about it at the moment, not all of which is very easy to understand for an outsider and simple Java developer. This article (the first in a series) might help to clarify your understanding of what the fuss is about.

Notes on Reactive Programming Part II: Writing Some Code


This article continues the series on Reactive Programming, and concentrates on explaining some concepts through actual code samples.

Clean Java immutability


An immutable class is just a simple class whose instances cannot be modified. Alexandru Simonescu shows why you would use them, and a couple different libraries that make it easier.

Inject everything — ViewHolder and Dagger 2


This post is a part of series of posts showing Dependency Injection with Dagger 2 framework in Android. This one takes a look at Multibinding and Autofactory and implements ViewHolder pattern with Dagger 2.

ConstraintLayout – Part 3


Now that you’ve learned the basic concepts of ConstraintLayout let’s turn attention to the visual editor to see how we can create constraints.

Testing made sweet with a Mockito


Slides from Jeroen Mols’ talk at Droidcon Berlin 2016

Random Musings on the N Developer Preview 4


Mark Murphy takes a closer look at the changes in N Developer Preview 4

Droidcon Berlin recap


Jeroen Mols recaps his experience at Droidcon Berlin.

No, You Can Not Override the Home Button… But You Don’t Have To!


Philippe Breault shows how to implement the missing Application onStart() and onStop().

App Diets are not a Fad


Mikhail Nakhimovich explores another type of performance optimization: APK size. A smaller APK results in faster resource lookup and faster reflection.

Multicasting in RxJava


Multicasting is a key method for reducing duplicated work in RxJava. When you multicast an event, you send the same event to all downstream operators/subscribers.


Issue #210 The Easiest Way to Find a Job


Hired lets you sit back while job offers come to you. When you complete your profile, instantly apply to 3,500+ companies on the platform who will contact you with job offers, including salary and equity up-front. Try it today.

Place a sponsored post in Android Weekly


You want to advertise your product which helps Android developers doing their job? Place a sponsored post in Android Weekly and reach more than 42000 Android developers around the world.


Issue #210 Mobile UX Design: Product Screen


There is no section in mobile app that is more critical for conversion than the product screen. This article discusses product screens and highlights a few important elements of each product screen .


Android Developer

(San Francisco, CA)

We’re looking for a strong mid-senior level Android engineer to join our small team of 6. We believe in continuously improving our skills and codebase, work/life balance, and doing things right over doing them fast. We’re looking for engineers who share this view and are excited about writing qualit

Mobile Engineer, Android

(Grab R&D in Singapore, Seattle or Beijing)

Join Southeast Asia’s largest mobile tech company and start making an impact today! We are planning to significantly grow the Mobile Engineering team, and looking for multiple skilled Android developers to bring our unique on-demand transport experience to millions of people, anytime and anywhere.

Android Engineer (f/m)


The FlixBus Android team supports both our popular consumer and internal apps. We’re a small team, and everyone plays a critical part in efining and building the perfect experience for our FlixBus customers. Come work on a mobile app that has revolutionized the transportation industry in Europe.

Android Engineer at Microsoft

(United States, San Francisco (CA) / New York (NY))

We’re looking for experienced Android engineers to come and help us reinvent email and calendar on mobile for millions of people. Based in SF or NY, you’d be part of the Outlook for Android team, building the best user experience out there alongside our server and design teams.

Libraries & Code



RxGroups lets you group RxJava Observables together in groups and tie them to your Android lifecycle. This is especially useful when used with Retrofit


Issue #210 Android N APIs are now final


Google has released the 4th Developer Preview of Android N, including the Android N final SDK. Now it’s time to get your Apps in shape for Android N.

Videos & Podcasts

Bluetooth (LE) with Dave Smith


In this show the Fragmented crew talks with embedded technology expert and all round super smart AndroidDev Dave Smith a.k.a the wonderful devunwired.

Life Without Fragments


Eugenio Marletti’s & Sebastiano Poggi’s presentation on fragments from MCE^3 conference.

Issue #210 Talks from Droidcon Berlin 2016


You’ve missed the Droidcon Berlin 2016? No problem! Just click your way through all the talks, featuring "Say Kotlin one more time", "Screenshot your entire App", "Unittesting without Robolectric", "Toothpick and Dependency injection" and many, many more!

Retrofit 2 – Enabling Offline Cache


In this lesson you will learn how to enable offline cache in Retrofit (via OkHttp) so that your application can work in a disconnected environment.


Space App Camp, Italy


Apply now to spend a week at the European Space Agency (ESA) and show us the best apps you’ve developed so far. To get selected for the Space App Camp, your previous work will need to shine in terms of the creativity of its content, usability, design, and underlying business concepts. This could be your big chance!


Issue #210 #WearablesTechCon, July 18-20 San Jose


#WearablesTechCon, July 18-20 San Jose, is the top wearables apps and HW event. Use code WEARIT for $100 discount

Issue #210 #AnDevCon, August 1-4 Boston


#AnDevCon, August 1-4 Boston, is the world’s top Android apps event. 35+ exhibitors. Use code ANDROID for $200 discount

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